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"Zero Price != Zero Cost"


One day, two funny little mice
Discussed free cheese, and cheese for price.

The one, returning from a store
Was so excited to adore:
"You know, Swiss cheese has such a smell!
Oh! I would like inside to dwell!
For me, it's sweet like flower-honey,
And it deserves just any money!"

"See wooden plate that's over there?
I choose THIS dangerous affair.
It is impossible to squeeze
A penny from my purse, for cheese
That's lying here free of charge.
And I don't mind that it's not large.
I love this generous device!" -
And jumps, and grabs the cherished slice.
Behind it something sounds "clap!"
Free cheese is only in a trap!

Who picks a tool for its "FREE" label
Reminds of this didactic fable...


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LOL! Amazing!

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